Tabit Changelog

v1.2.2 10/19/2023

This version is a fix for the Dark Mode issue. The previous v1.2.1 accidentally overrode the related code. Now you can activate it by setting your operating system to dark mode/theme. See Help - Dark Mode for details.

v1.2.1 9/27/2023

Change help and about page url. Original domain '' is stoped, the website will use netlify subdomain ''. There are no new features or fixes.

v1.2 11/4/2022

This version is mainly a migration to chrome manifest v3. So there are no new features or fixes.

v1.1.2 5/24/2022


  • Dark mode
    Set your operating system to dark mode to activate it.


  • Adjust light mode theme color a little bit

v1.1.1 5/14/2022


  • Change Workbench to Home.


  • Tabs context menu position problem

v1.1 11/1/2021


  • Open, delete, cut, copy, and paste tabs with the context menu
  • Use shortcut keys to do the same tab operation besides the context menu
  • Edit tab title and url
  • Copy tabs to the Clipboard with text or json format