Getting Started

Open the Extension Popup Window

Left click the extension icon Tabit Extension Icon in Chrome toolbar, and there will be a popup window:

Tabit popup window

Open Tabit Page

Click "Open Tabit Page". The Tabit extension page will be opened as a tab. This page is where you manage tabs.

Tabit Popup Window

Save Active Tab or Multiple Selected Tabs

Choose to save tabs In Home or In Archive, select an existing group or input a group name to create a new group for the tab, and click the Save button below to save the active tab or selected tabs to Tabit. You can also save multiple selected tabs using ctrl or shift (macos will be command and shift) key and save them too. Go to the Tabit page to see the saved tabs.

Get (save) All the Tabs in the Current Chrome Window

On Tabit page, click the Get all tabs to Home icon on the top right of the navigation bar, and all the tabs in the current chrome window will be saved to a new untitled group in Worbench. Click the group name to rename it. The tab data is saved in Chrome browser and it will be there when you open the Tabit page again.

You can archive the group for later use or just remove it when you do not need it.


Get all tabs to Home just save all the tabs' url, it will not close the tabs for you. You can do it just using the chrome build-in feature: Close, Close other tabs or Close tabs to the right.

Where Is the Tab Data Saved?

The tab data of Tabit is stored in IndexedDB of your local chrome browser . The data will not be deleted when you clean your chrome cache and cookies. If you want to delete them for some reason, you can find and delete it with Chrome DevTools. We do not recommand you to do this because it may affect the normal function of the extension. But the data will be deleted if you uninstall Chrome browser and remove its data. If you are not sure, please export the tabs data before uninstalling Chrome browser and import it later (See Import, Export and Clear tab data).

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