Tab Group

How to Create a Tab Group?

There are two ways to create a new tab group.

  1. On Tabit page, click the icon on the top right of the navigation bar. A new untitled group will be created in Home.

  2. In Tabit extention popup window, choose to save tabs in Home or in Archive, input or select a group name, and if the group does not exist, Tabit will create a new one for you.

Tab Group Operation

Click the dot icon on the top right of the tab group panel, there will be a popup menu:

Tab group popup menu

  • Save All Tabs Here will save the tabs in the current Chrome window to this group
  • Open All Tabs will restore the tabs in the group
  • Pin Group will move the group to the top
  • Archive (It will be Unarchive in Archive page) will move the group to Archive
  • Delete Group will delete the group and its tabs

Groupbox - Multiple Tab Groups Operation

Click the icon on the top left of the navigation bar to toggle Groupbox:


You can filter groups by name (It is not used for searching tabs. See "Search Tabs" for searching tabs) Select some groups to show on the right. If you select more than one group,there will be action icons on the top of Groupbox. You can delete, merge or archive (unarchive) the selected groups in batch.

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